We all lead busy lives.  In fact, sometimes we get so busy and we're running so fast that we can no longer see the big picture.  Our perspective gets clouded, priorities shifted and the things that matter most, whether personal or professional, get pushed to the back burner. 

What would happen if you totally unplugged for ½ a day?  No phone, no email, no computer, no conversation.  No errands to run, no house to clean, no meetings to attend, no family to care for, no to dos.  What if you were left alone with your thoughts?  How many solutions would surface?  How many ideas would suddenly seem so obvious? Would you rethink how you're spending your time, where you're focusing your energy and efforts?

Of course your natural response is, “I could never take that kind of time away.  I'm simply too busy.  Who would steer the ship, keep the kids, feed the dog, run the machine, write the blog, attend the event?” 

Taking time away is possible.  In fact, it's invaluable.  If you haven't unplugged lately, I challenge you to do so.  I bet you'll be amazed at what is born of your time away.  When you plug back in, just be sure to share your ideas, epiphanies, perspective refreshes, etc.  Can't wait to hear all about em!