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Setting Clear Expectations

We're continuing our series on how not to get burned in a web development project. Step one: begin with a good contract. Today, we tackle another don't-get-burned: Set clear expectations.
Understanding the final goal is critical to the success of your project. What does this look like at the end? How will you -- the client -- and the developer know when to roll out the product? 
Conversation up front will keep you from being burned down the line. Begin with an open-ended discussion. As a client, what do you anticipate? Set your vendor up for success with open lines of communication.
As you discuss, be specific in describing the ideal end product. Vague statements may result in an unexpected final creation, so be clear and leave no room for ambiguity in your expectations. 
Timeline matters today more than ever: the bigger the project, the more phases of development and the more stages you'll have. When do you expect to check in with your vendor? When should your vendor check in with you? Clearly communicate your timeline expectations. And don't just discuss the go-live date. Address checkin points as well. This ensures that your project stays moving and progress is being made.
Address payment expectations from all angles. How much? When is it due? How will you receive an invoice? And what are the consequences if payment is late? When you and your vendor agree on these terms and you both articulate what you expect, the project will move along more smoothly. Discussing money up front clears the path for creativity and efficient work throughout the process.
But these conversations carry little weight without documentation. You're likely juggling many projects and so is your developer. So keep things easy and organized by writing everything down. Expectations, design facets, features, timeline checkpoints, you name it: echo conversations in a document.
And since email inboxes are almost as cluttered as our minds these days, consider a shared Google Drive document or a Dropbox folder to corral notes. When information is all in the same location, the process is simplified.
At Aranya, we like to confirm expectations by asking you, the client, what you think the end product will look like. It's our way of confirming our understanding of your needs. It's also how we keep communication lines open.
Your software development team at Aranya strives for quality in communication and development. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discuss custom software, web application and cloud development.