Forget the Hourly Rate and Hire the Best

We're continuing our series on how not to get burned in a web development project. Step one: begin with a good contract and Step two: setting clear expectations. Today, we look at the third don't-get-burned strategy.
Experienced, talented web developers may command a higher rate per hour. But over the course of the project, those with experience can save you money. Knowledgeable developers work efficiently, accomplishing more per hour. That's good for your bottom line and the project's outcome.
First, remember that the bottom line price is what matters. Some simple math clears up the hourly rate misconception. Look at hourly rate times the number of hours - and then compare the bottom line.
For example, a developer commanding $10 per hour may spend 100 hours on a project. Similarly, a more experienced developer charging $100 per hour could complete that project in 10 hours. The bottom line is the same, but the quality of work with the experienced developer will be that much stronger.
Secondly, remember that the level of expertise is reflected in the hourly rate. A developer charging a low rate sends the market a message: their work isn't good enough to secure business. Unable to compete based on talent or experience, they have to compete on price. Furthermore, low hourly rate developers may place low value on their work. But a developer confident in their skills and ability knows that their work speaks for itself. The old adage applies: you get what you pay for.
Finding a talented, experienced developer at a low hourly rate is like searching for gold. In your panning and prospecting, you may find a nugget here or there. But once you strike gold, others won't be far behind. Even if you're lucky enough to find a great developer at a great price, it won't be long until the secret is out. That developer may be flooded with work soon and won't be a low-rate developer for long. And all those new projects may take priority over yours.
Another reason to hire the best: the software world is still in the "wild, wild west" stage. In the construction industry, switching contractors mid-project is possible (may not be advisable but still possible) because each person works under the same codes and regulations. But the software world doesn't have these well developed best practices yet. Fewer standards and less consistency mean that newer developers may need to start from scratch and rewrite part or even all of your software. All that rebuilding can raise your final bill.
In this ever-changing software environment, rookie developers may make rookie mistakes - and impact your bottom line for the worse. Experienced developers, in contrast, have a few rookie mistakes under their belt and have learned from them. Having made mistakes already, they now know how to do the job well and quickly.
Selecting an experienced developer offers you and your organization confidence. You gain someone who knows what they're worth, with a reliable track record and a sound understanding of how to develop a dependable end product. They've already made mistakes, and they will approach your project efficiently. Choosing an experienced developer leaves you with better results and a better bottom line.
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