Custom Software
Setting Yourself Up For Success

Choosing the right web developer can be a difficult process. Especially if you're new to the world of source coding, HTML and custom software, the options may be overwhelming. 
And we've all heard stories of people getting burned in web development projects. Maybe the outcome didn't match the expectations, or the product never came to fruition. 
Whatever the case, it's wise to ask questions and have conversations initially to reap what you sow. Since web development projects are a significant investment, stakes are high.  
Here are three tips to consider to keep from getting burned by a web developer. 
A solid contract will include both your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the web developer. Project scope, timeline, payment schedule and terms of service should be outlined. Sound contracts set the stage for the right end result. And a contract means nothing without signatures: be sure both you and your developer have signed copies.
Understanding the final goal is critical to the success of your project. What does this look like at the end? How will you and the developer know when to roll out the product? A conversation up front will keep you from being burned out down the line.
Experienced, talented web developers may command a higher rate per hour. But over the course of the project, you'll save money; the most knowledgeable developers work efficiently and will accomplish more per hour. It's good for both your bottom line and the project's outcome.
Focus on the total cost rather than the rate per hour. Since everyone works at different speeds, you should have your vendors / developers give you an estimate of the total price so you can compare apples to apples.
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