1.    You want to build something now that will not scale and will have to be discarded as your company grows and needs change.
2.    You don't really care if your code is protected.  I mean, it's only code, right?  Anyone can write it, right?
3.    You really want to overpay for high-quality software engineering.
4.    You don't care whether or not your project is delivered on time.
5.    You don't care if your project is built to specification.
6.    You LOVE scope creep and get really excited about paying for change orders.
7.    You don't care where your software engineers are located.  You don't really want to see their mugs or look them in the eye anyway.  Besides, you LOVE spending time online between the hours or 11pm and 7am.  Managing overseas developers is waaaay more refreshing than a good night's sleep!
8.    Process is of no importance.  Up front planning?  Thorough analysis? Totally overrated!
9.    Documentation is for the birds.
10.    You do NOT want to work with really cool, super smart people.