In his book Ready, Fire, Aim, Michael Masterson provides a number of insightful ways to help build a business from the ground up.  One of the topics he mentions is the Rule of Gold vs. the Golden Rule.

According to Michael Masterson, everyone can be broken into two groups: those who give and those who take.  He argues that the people who give are more likely to find success in business faster and more easily.  He says that people who are the takers (those who follow the Rule of Gold) can be successful but have to work much harder.

Call it karma, call it good will, call it "what comes around goes around", it all comes out the same.  When you give freely, you receive.  When you focus on trying to take from others, you have to fight tooth and nail.

What I have found over the years is that people tend to gravitate to and gather people about themselves that have a similar approach to life.  The people who focus on taking from others for their own gains, tend to gather similar people around them.  Everything is about a struggle - a winner and a looser.  But people who give, attract other givers to them.  It really is simple sense.  If you give to others, people want to work with you because you are so giving, especially those people who also give because they see themselves in you.  While the takers always think you are trying to pull one over on them - who would give if they didn't have something to gain (or take) from you.

With the internet and the ease of freely given advice, products and services, giving freely is simple.  It doesn't take much to help others out.  And the rewards you reap from attracting other givers to you and gaining the deep appreciation of those you service is fulfilling.

Also, in the spirit of giving, I also highly recommend following the advice of Keith Ferrazzi in his book Never Eat Alone:  generosity needs to be a two way street.  Give but also graciously accept the generosity of others when it is offered.

So learn to give.  You will find the course to success easier in the long run and much more enjoyable.