One of my favorite events:

Just for Starters- July 15th at 5pm

Just For Starters is a very cool event that provides aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their business idea to a panel of esteemed judges AND in front of an audience.  The judges and the audience then have the opportunity to tweet and ask questions about the idea providing the presenter with plenty of food for thought!  To register to attend and/ or present visit and click on the Just For Starters Link.

One of my favorite opportunities for collaboration:

The KC Roundtable- meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at Eggtc near the Plaza

The KC Roundtable is a group of entrepreneurs in their 20's and 30's who regularly meet to collaborate about business and entrepreneurship.  Since many of us in the group are “going it alone” our meetings are a great opportunity to learn from one another, refocus and refuel.  I leave every meeting feeling energized and enthused.  Check us out!

One of my favorite sources for industry news and articles:

Great articles on starting a business, running a business, tech news, finding investment dollars, etc.  In fact, three of the articles posted today are A Day in the Life of a Social Entrepreneur, The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs and The Best Industries for Starting a Business.  Can't wait to get reading!

One of my favorite…no…my favorite Social Media Management Tool:

I love that I can manage my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts from one platform.  TweetDeck also allows me to set up search terms and phrases and be alerted any time any one tweets about those terms.  For instance, I can see who's tweeting about software engineering, Aranya, tech entrepreneur, etc which makes TweetDeck a great prospecting and stalking tool! 

One of My Favorite Things I've Learned in the Tech Industry:

It's a simple concept that has helped me help clients prioritize their projects' variables. 

Every project has three legs- budget, timeline and requirements.  As a client, you can generally only control one of the three legs.  If you have a tight budget, you have to be willing to give a bit on timeline and requirements.  If you have a tight timeline, you can expect to spend a bit more and may have to give on requirements.  If requirements are the most important variable to your project, you may have to be patient and you will need to have the budget to support delivery of all requirements.