1.    You've Got the Power!
This is your project, your baby, your dollars, your time.  You need to know that your project is being closely managed, requirements are clearly communicated and timelines are being met.  When you choose a local software development company, you have the ability to properly vet them.   Check references, visit their office, interview their engineers, dig through their trash, stalk their spouses…o wait.  You've got the power to make an informed decision.  The control is yours.

2.    Where Is the Love?
Right here in the Kansas City metro.  People don't do business with companies.  People do business with people.  Kansas City ain't small but the business community here is.  Chances are you are closely connected to anyone in town with whom you might consider doing business so most business interactions can be traced back to some kind of pre-existing relationship.  Any good company takes this relational foundation quite seriously.  Any good software engineering company takes it as all the more reason to be invested in the success of their client's project. 

3.     I'd Like to Teach the World To Sing…
…In perfect harmony.  Custom software development is something that should be perfectly tailored to you, the client.  You need a team of software developers that really gets to know you, your company and your project.  Your software engineering company should not only understand the technical requirements of your project but should also understand your company culture, target audience and vision.  It's much easier to get things done when you and your software programmers are singing in perfect harmony.

4.    Is There Anybody Out There?
Yes!  We are right here, sitting across from you in our conference room or yours.  You can look me in my eyes, scrutinize my body language and even kick me (although that won't be necessary).  When you kick it KC style you have direct access to the people with whom you are doing business as well as those who are coding your project.  We can carve out as much face time as your little heart desires. 

Are you a not for profit organization?  You could be eligible for a 20% discount!  Contact me to learn more!