A catastrophic software deficiency or overdue system conversion can be deafening technology wake up calls within an organization. But sometimes the software small stuff can be equal cause for alarm. When do system annoyances become high priority action items? Below are several signs that your company may want to reconsider its current software approach:

  1. If your budget can no longer support your current software structure
  2. If you need to save time or money through automation
  3. If you are experiencing significant system downtime
  4. If your software solutions can no longer accommodate your growing user base
  5. If you can no longer identify the value being added by the resources managing your software systems
  6. If you can no longer identify how your software development dollars are being used
  7. If you or your development team is having to constantly develop system fixes or work-arounds
  8. If simple tasks such as system bugs are not being fixed quickly (this may be a sign that the system wasn't built soundly to begin with or that your current engineers are no longer able to handle the system)
  9. If you are falling behind your competitors and / or losing market share

Sometimes all it takes to get back on the right software track is a fresh perspective. Other times, the situation may call for more drastic measures. Either way, if you're increasingly agitated with your systems, the glitches, the downtime or the drain on your time and budget, it probably makes sense to bring in an expert to take a look and identify possible solutions.