How much are you wasting on expensive employees?

What is the core competency of your business?  If you said anything other than "software" then you should wonder just how efficiently your software development team operates.

All too often companies build up software development shops within their companies when their core business is not software development.  As a result they do an OK job of managing and building software for the company but they could do a lot better.

And your company could be suffering slow downs and excessive costs as a result of these inefficiencies.

Aranya can help your team get better.  We can help them get things done better and faster.  After all, software is what we do.  It is our core competency.  And we focus all our time working on building software better than anyone else.

Don't you want your team working as well as we do?  They can and without you having to make software your business's primary focus.

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