Selecting Your Software Development Team

What to ask of your software developers

If your software development company can't deliver this information, run away. Seriously. If you don't, you're jeopardizing your project and the future of your business.

* Do you provide thorough documentation?

Don't leave yourself being “truck sensitive”. Without documentation, you're lost if you lose your key personnel.

* Will I see a project plan before you begin coding?

This should include what they will do, when, and what it will cost. If there is no plan, they're just guessing on everything about the project. A good project plan also shows they've done the analysis to actually understand what you need.

* Do you offer guaranteed pricing?

If they won't guarantee a price, at least make them agree to a cap on their pricing. Otherwise, your development company is basically saying they have little confidence in themselves and are asking you to write them a blank check.

* Will I receive a comprehensive maintenance plan?

Once your system goes live, what happens next? Who handles hosting? Who handles updates? Who handles support?

* Can you provide regular pre-scheduled progress reports?

This ensures your project is on track and stays there. It holds them accountable for where your money is going and makes sure you don't get blindsided by problems after it's too late to fix them.

* Will I have secure password-protected source control?

You are paying for a working application, and this is the secure vault that holds everything required to build that application. It also lets you know who did what, when, and exactly what they did. This may not seem important, but it will when that “minor change” breaks everything.

* Do you offer quality hosting including up-time guarantees, speed, and security?

If your system isn't working, your business isn't working.

* Will I own the source code and application (work for hire)?

Don't let yourself become the guinea pig for their next client's or possibly your competitor's solution. It's your system for your business. Not someone else's. If your agreement doesn't specifically indicate that you are the owner of the code, then they own it and they could even give it over to your competition! You paid for it, you should own it.

* What is your accountability agreement?

This determines what you get if they don't deliver on-time or on-budget. And hold them to this.

For too long, customers have been bearing more of the risk in software development than they should. You should expect more of software developers and a lower risk to yourself and your business.

Demand more from your software developer. You deserve it.

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