Iterative development, not Agile

When it comes to rapid software development, you will typically be presented with two choices - Iterative and Agile.

Not sure which process is right for you?

Choose Iterative if you...
  • Have a set or tight budget
  • Have a strong idea of what you need
  • Are mildly flexible
Choose Agile if you…
  • Have very deep pockets or are not concerned with how much it will cost
  • Don't really know what you need
  • Need a lot of flexibility to build-as-you-go

While we recognize there is a time and place for Agile development, it's not what we do. Our process is Iterative, which allows us to get things done quickly and with guaranteed pricing.

If Agile software development seems like the solution for you, we may not be the best fit to work on your project. However, we can help you find the right Agile developers to build your solution.

Agile or Iterative - Aranya can help you figure it out.

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